i love

I am a digital wedding photographer turned motherhood Film photographer! Most days I can be found raising my three girls, sewing ethically made baby clothing, trying to cook in the kitchen, or cuddling on the couch with my husband while I make him watch the Tik Tok videos I just sent him. 

I am a believer, deep thinker, Disney nerd, dreamer, and a work in progress. I am extremely passionate about being a good example for my three girls and believe myself to be the "Lorelai" to their "Rory."  Family is my HOME. 

hello. I'm lina.


Walking in the rain

Being a #Girlmom

My Husband of 9 years

Candid moments

A quiet place

Lazy mornings

I have developed a unique, extremely relaxed approach to photographing families. It's one that allows me to capture storytelling imagery at every session - even the most challenging ones. I embrace the chaos, messy hair and the wild at heart personalities. Joy and love can be found in the middle of all of that! 

Family is the place where you can be messy and vulnerable and be loved because of it. It’s in that place where I can help you capture the sweetest most authentic images of what this season of life really looks like.

And I think that’s what family photos should be.

honest image philosophy